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We invite you to join the Spiral Dynamics Integral Tour as part of the preparation for the 2nd Integral African Conference.

Highlights of the tour includes:

This facilitated immersion will allow a spiel into the history of South Africa and how this country worked towards reconciliation of diversity. Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa was a Zulu sangoma from South Africa. He was known as an author of books that draw upon African mythology, traditional Zulu folklore, extraterrestrial encounters and his own personal encounters. Mutwa’s Kraal will be visited where deep African symbolism will be shared through story. 

Visit Soweto, Johannesburg most famous township, with a guide from there: Get an insider’s perspective. A stop at Vilakazi street will allow participants stroll in the street that has been home to two Nobel Prize winners – Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. Local African cuisine will be tasted.

A visit to Maboneng (a Sotho word that means “place of light”), will allow us to interact in an innovative urban environment that encourages diversity in terms of uses, race, income and ages. Maboneng is renowned as one of the most creative districts in the world. A local artist will host us.

A tribal village with local sangomas will be visited. You may just be surprised at what the throwing of bones – an ancient ritual – may have on the cards for you.

The interface with the African context promise to provide a rich backdrop for our inquiry into human adaptation and emersion. In the evenings fire-side chats will offer opportunity for interesting African discourse and philosophy – focused on our inquiry. A drumming ritual will help us embody the rhythms of Africa.

The “Jazz Walk of Fame” pays tribute to the most famous jazz musicians of South Africa. Like in Hollywood, the names of the musicians are immortalized in granite slabs in the walkway. In front of the “Bassline” in Newtown sits the singer Brenda Fassie, who died in 2004. A link to her music may underline her soulful contribution.

A visit to Africa cannot be the same without a scape to nature a safari where animals like giraffes, zebras, buffalo, various wild cats can be seen in the beautiful African bush, and the Magaliesburg as a magnificent backdrop. Enter the world of the Africa Elephant. Understand the height at which an elephant stands and experience their environment from an elephant’s perspective.