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Dr Khaled ElSherbini
Dr Khaled ElSherbini is the founder and chairman of the Consciousness Academy, which focuses on human development and spiritual transformation. He is also the founder of Enneagram Egypt, the first and largest IEA-accredited Enneagram school in North Africa and the Middle East. Dr ElSherbini is an IEA IEA-accredited Enneagram Professional and the founder of the 3 IEA IEA-accredited training programs provided by the Consciousness Academy. He is also a Spiral Dynamics Integral accredited professional by the SDi founder, Don Beck through ValueMatch. Dr ElSherbini is a PCC ICF-accredited coach with over 1000 hours of coaching practice. Dr ElSherbini has over 25 years of experience in the fields of human development, coaching, consciousness and awareness, executive management, corporate restructuring, sustainability, renewable energy, research and development, technology management, strategic management, and teaching in the USA, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, China, and in Egypt. Dr ElSherbini created models of human consciousness evolution and development by synthesizing and integrating numerous models, mainly the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, Integral consciousness, modern psychological studies, and Sufi spiritual philosophies and psychology. These models are integrated under one overarching scheme called the “Integral Enneagram” and include: Stages of the Heart: a model for psychospiritual awakening & Stages of the Mind: a model for cognitive expansion and maturity.

Bence Ganti
Bence Ganti, M.A. integral psychologist and clinical psychologist, the co-founder and director of the Integral European Conferences (IEC) since 2014. He is also the founder and director of one of Europe’s most successful long-term integral adult education institutes, the Integral Academy in Hungary. As a transformational workshop leader Bence has created the Integral Flow Experience process in which he combines cutting edge group psychotherapy practices with spiritual work, including psychodrama, bodywork and constellation. As a presenter on Integral Theory and cosnciousness he is a guest and panelist in major integral conferences in Europe, USA, Latin-America and Africa. His main expertise is teaching and applying integral psychology: a popular new approach of personal growth and humanity’s evolution that connects the scientific findings of psychology and the spirituality of ancient wisdom traditons. The integral movement and Bence accelerates the emergence of a new wolrd working on the transformation of individuals, communities and society to create harmony and peace for the world.

Prof Aftab Omer
Aftab Omer, Ph.D. is the president of Meridian University which offers degree and professional programs globally, emphasizing the power of transformative learning. He is a sociologist, psychologist, developmentalist, and futurist. Raised in Pakistan, India, Hawaii, and Turkey, he was educated at the universities of M.I.T, Harvard and Brandeis. His publications have addressed the topics of transformative learning, dialogic capability, developmental power, cultural leadership, civil society, generative entrepreneurship, and the power of imagination. Aftab’s advising work focuses on team development and on leveraging the creative potentials of conflict, diversity, and complexity. Formerly the president of the Council for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologies, he is a Fellow of the International Futures Forum and the World Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Dr Darrell Gooden
Dr. Gooden leads cultural transformation initiatives and is highly skilled in synthesizing advanced management practices to master the possibilities of technology and people. Having worked closely with Drs. Adizes and Beck, he shares his unique insights as a certified Adizes Associate and as an expert Spiral Dynamics Integral practitioner. His experiences and expertise include simplifying complex adaptive processes, applying activity-based costing to the Lean Six Sigma methodology, developing dynamic simulation models, reconceptualizing how people work in organizations throughout a given value stream, and developing managerial metrics. Dr. Darrell Gooden presents internationally on topics such as innovation, knowledge engineering, business strategy and cultural change management. In recent years, he has embarked on a profound journey beyond the realms of organizational transformation to explore the depths of personal and spiritual development. Embracing a holistic approach to well-being, he has cultivated a dedicated meditative practice with Heartfulness, finding tranquillity and clarity that enriches his life and work. He holds a Bachelor of Bachelor of Science Degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Redlands, CA; a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management from Pepperdine University, CA; a Ph.D. in Organization Transformation from the Adizes Institute, Dr. Gooden has also earned professional certifications in System Engineering & Project Management, Intelligent Systems from University California Los Angeles (UCLA); he holds several other certificates including: Knowledge Engineering, Spiral Dynamics Integral and the Adizes Change methodologies, a Lea Six Sigma Black Belt and USA DOD certification in Business Process Reengineering.

Drs Anne-Marie Voorhoeve
Drs Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is co-founder, strategic connector of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation, and Emergence (THC) and The Hague Center for Field Inquiry. She is an Evolutionary Leader. At the heart of her work is the uplifting of networks and the development of complex multi-stakeholder projects (meshworks) to develop a world that works for all. As co initiator and active member of many, her role is often to wholehold an evolutionary purpose and to invite conscious co-creators to live their full potential. She practices balancing the feminine and masculine in all facilitation, expressing Divine Mother’s Love in many ways. Anne-Marie is co-initiator of Cohere+, an EU project for coherence in wise leadership. Co-founder of Bridging Continents Council, working together with Four Worlds International. Co-founder of Living Cities Earth, co-initiator of Peaceday Youth Assembly, partner in the Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance, member of SDG Thought Leaders Circle. She represents the Club of Budapest Network and the Holomovement in Europe. She co-produces events like the seasonal convergences under the banner of ONE World -World Unity Week, Peace Week and Enlightening Our Way Together, and the Dubai Convergence 2023. Anne-Marie is laureate of the World Peace Forum and Luxembourg Peace Prize for Communities 2017, Integral City Meshworker of the Year 2019, recipient of LOANI Ladies of All Nations International Peace Leadership Award 2023, Four Worlds International Jaguar Ally Award 2024. (*Drs. stands for the academic title Doctorandus, 6 years of academic development, Masters+ in Europe)

Dr Aunkh Khem S-Maã
Dr Aunkh Khem S-Maã is a Medical Natural Scientist, Natural healer, Consciousness Meta-physics facilitator, Ancient Egyptian and African Spiritual Science & Tantric teacher. He is the creator of the Amen-Ra Institute centered in South Africa. He teaches Kemetic Science of Consciousness, Ba-Ntu Cosmology and African Natural Medicines.