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The Cosmic Lens – An New Perspective for Thriving in a Disrupted World
Authors: Michiel Doorn, M.S.E & Dr Birgit Viertlböck

Praise for The Cosmic Lens: The Cosmic Lens is a book that offers a needed spark of hope in our time of great confusion & conflict. It is written in an easy to understand style, tells its message with stories and quotes and thoughtful analysis. I recommend it heartily. (Dr Susanne Cook-Greuter, EdD Harvard. Independent scholar, internationally known as the leading expert in mature ego development and self-actualization.)

About the authors

Michiel Doorn, M.S.E. worked in environmental and climate policy and science before he focused full-time on writing and teaching. He has authored numerous publications and two books, one in Dutch, and one in English.

Before she became an accomplished naturopath and trauma therapist, Dr Birgit Viertlböck was a published and luaded lecturer and research scientist at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Munich, Germany.