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The Integral African Conference will form part of the many gatherings worldwide that bring people, approaches, findings, theory and practice together to explore, research, and find ways to accelerate conscious change in the world. So many have found Ken Wilber’s integral Theory able to locate the perennial philosophies into a highly usable map to describe the full experience of what it takes to be fully human. The map however, is not the territory and the African territory is our focus of exploration as it holds a part that may not be found as a focus in other territories. All approaches are, however, welcome and those wishing to bring their approaches to creating greater consciousness and impact in the world of living and work through purposeful and meaningful ways, are invited to come and share this platform.

Brought to you by the Integral Africa Institute, Mandala Consulting, The Centre for African Emergence. Supported by our friends at the Integral European Conference organizing team.

African wisdom and practice have a richness that is not yet present in universal approaches to consciousness creation. The west is thought to privilege the cognitive discourse, the east, a spiritual one, while the African approaches are grounded in Mother Earth and can bring into focus the connection to the heart and body.

In a world that is currently being driven by increasingly radical splits it is more and more imperative to connect ourselves to the earth, each other, all sentient beings, and to the universe in a cosmic embrace to make up the greater whole. This conference will be a place to experience, create experience, listen to knowledge and wisdom givers, and join in with knowledge and wisdom seekers. Make your contribution to being there.

This conference seeks to bring people from all over the world together with our African Integral community to support each other and to craft an awakened community that is motivated by the highest good to serve the world better in multiple ways.

Becoming fully human is our journey: doing this through conscious communities who can see and act from a place that serves the human race and our planet, is a critical.

The conference sets out to go beyond the modern form of conferences to an integral one – where we can connect, create, have fun, share, inspire and engage our minds, and hearts and bodies across cognitive, emotional, social, moral, somatic, relational and spiritual engagement.

We in Africa have challenges that sometimes feel insurmountable and it is truly in the spirit of Ubuntu, where the journey of one’s personhood is seen as being inimitably interwoven with all of us in oneness as a human race, that we feel we can reawaken the soul the Africa to live into its once connected greatness. From indigenous communities to urban techno communities – we all may do better to find our common thread and learn from each other to create a more informed and hopefully consciously embodied future. Join us on this journey. Building a community of practice and a community of human beings that can truly learn to live together is up to all of us.