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Dr Birgit Viertlböck
TOPIC: Trauma and Epigenetics. How to CLEAN UP individual and transgenerational trauma, to WAKE UP and GROW UP into a healthy future and society
Birgit spent most of her former career (17 years) as a lauded lecturer and research scientist in the physiology and immunology department of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Munich, Germany. In 2019, she made a radical career change, building on her critical thinking skills and exemplary scientific knowledge. She became a naturopath and coach and completed training in NLP, systemic therapy, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, and integral relationships. Using her extensive knowledge of scientific methods, she is a pioneer in developing new methods and refining tried-and-tested methods that help people get quickly and permanently on their path to mental and physical health. She developed the patented Doletionstherapie®️, a very fast and sustainable trauma therapy method, which positively impacts both physical and mental health by activating intuition and following self-healing capacities. In addition, she works with nutritional medicine with a focus on therapeutic fasting to let go of past physical issues and restart the body connection towards intuitive eating habits. Birgit lives in Munich, Germany and loves traveling and connecting with all kinds of people. She likes to spend quality time with her four children, who she is co-parenting with her ex-husband in an arrangement where the children stay in the parental house and the parents take turns. This unconventional system and her free spirit open up the world for her and her children.

Dr Calum McComb
Calum is a consulting psychologist whose primary interest is working from a systems psychodynamics consultancy and research stance. He has consulted to small family-owned business, large national, and international organisations. Passionate about deriving psycho-dynamic insights, he has convened listening posts, social dreaming matrixes and has consulted to a group relations conference. He is the former chair of IGSPO and remains on the executive committee. He is a certified Analytic Network Coach and specialises in executive leadership and team development and a member of the Eco-Leadership Institute. Calum works with clients in making sense of the unconscious emotional life and brings defensive patterns of behaviour to awareness to enable transformation of anti-task behaviours. He holds a PhD in consulting psychology having researched the systemic and unconscious psychodynamic processes of voluntary turnover of high potentials.

Camillo Zimba
TOPIC: Restoration of the African Psyche (with Nomkhubulwane Africa)
Camillo is an Autodidact, an Academic Performance Specialist, Author and Poet. He started Brilliant Brainz for tutoring students from grade 4 – 12 for 20 years! This is in all subjects, focusing on mathematics and in helping students achieve distinctions. His published book is titled “Def Ink’s Poet” . He also started Andromeda Azure Ascensions which focuses on personal profiling, including birth charts, synastry chart, etc, these help people to make smarter decisions when it comes to their business and personal life.

Dr Charlene Moodley
TOPIC: Spiral Dynamics Integral: A Beige Manifestation in this Era
More than 15 years of progressive finance and operations management experience at an executive level in various industries together with a BCOMM Degree, MBA, PHD, and an impressive background in managing multi-faceted organisations with budgeting and finances, capital and human resources improvement, strategic planning, project management and development. Executive Director in Finance, Operations, Manufacturing, HR, possessing highly accomplished, results-driven, meticulous, and reliable, solid leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to establish rapport with all levels of employees, management, and external business associates. Demonstrates the ability to proactively work independently, to produce and lead exceptional performance within a team environment and to creatively resolve problems and capitalise on opportunities. Adept multitasker and a true partner to senior executives, employees, auditors, external consultants and is heavily relied upon for valued opinions in key decision-making aspects. Strong research skills in optimising current and efficient cash management team operations. Above average user of Excel, Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner Version 18, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, and a quick study of any other relevant software programme with a proven ability to constantly challenge and improve existing processes & systems. Emulates a passion for coaching, mentoring, and motivating leaders, managers, and supervisors to ‘grow people’ to their full potential.

Frans van der Colff
TOPIC: Lessons from the African continent in support of an integral approach to the development of a thriving and sustainable Africa
I am strategically minded and commercially astute business leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and vast experience leading strategy development and execution with the aim to achieve organisational excellence. I possess a passion for assisting young entrepreneurs to start new businesses, spearheading franchise divisions, providing strategic development guidance and shedding light on how to succeed on the African continent. As an expert in the African context, an Executive Fellow at Henley Business School and a Thought Leader in business, I offer advanced operations, financial and general business leadership skills, as well as expertise in identifying gaps, formulating solutions and developing systems in order to turn performance around. I excel in engaging and managing relationships with stakeholders, as well as developing and leading high-performing teams to ensure achievement of organisational goals. In addition, I provide strong mentorship and leadership development skills, and excel in planning and coordinating training initiatives, developing and implementing training material and facilitating change.

Janet Mrenica
TOPIC: Cultivating Safe Spaces in Climate Work: Climate Grief
A curious trilingual award-winning oversight professional, Janet has extensive experience working in diverse environments and Cultivates Safe Spaces in Coaching, Consulting & Facilitation services. She brings the lenses of well-being, inclusion, intersectionality. decolonization, indigenous / ancient traditions / wisdom, Circle practice and low carbon economies to her work. With over 30 years of experience in the Government of Canada & not for profit organizations, nationally/internationally, Janet is an experienced certified Change Manager (Prosci) in human-centred development, transformation & change. She has over 14 years of experience at the Executive level. She is designated as Fellow Accountant and is an Integral Professional Coach, with ICF ACC accreditation. She has evolved in various strategic management, oversight, policy & transformation roles she has held. She is a certified Climate Change Coach, Trauma Informed Coach & Cultivating Safe Spaces Facilitator & is a Graduate of Next Steps FacilitationTM Intensive. She is a trusted advisor in the technical & strategic nuts & bolts in organizational development, oversight and governance functions in corporate & policy development, climate science & finance, infrastructure, system transformation, measurement, audit / monitoring / compliance, human-centred process design, agility & social innovation. Janet integrates intersectionality, diversity, equity, inclusivity & accessibility the foundation for meaningful conversations for the things that matter most. Her care / compassion in supporting the navigation of change is held in her ability to be flexible with changing organizational circumstances & her practice of deep listening.

Dr James Forson
TOPIC: Integrating the Concept of “Showing Up” into Integral Theory
Dr Forson teaches at Regenesys Business School. Before joining Regenesys, James was a management consultant with a special interest in strategy, corporate governance, and stakeholder engagement. James has 32 years’ experience in the areas of general consulting, feasibility studies, due diligence, and turnarounds. James is a former Associate Director of AccountAbility, the London-based custodian of the AA1000 suite of International Standards. He is an experienced company director and board chairman.

Jean Cooper
Jean is an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). He obtained his MCom I/O Psychology (cum laude), MPhil Applied Theology (cum laude) and PhD I/O Psychology from the University of Pretoria. Dissertation title: The forces involved in being a member of a small group. Jean works as Organisational Consultant and Executive Coach to various organisations (since 2005). He is the founder of The Institute for Leadership and Transformation (TILT) and has been a part-time faculty member at the University of Pretoria (since 2006) and The Chicago School for Professional Psychology (2012-2018). He is an Associate Editor for the UK-based journal ‘Organisational and Social Dynamics’ as well as a member of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA). Jean presented Tavistock Group Relations training conferences to postgraduate students at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), Columbia University (New York, NY) and The Utrecht Business School (Utrecht, NL), amongst others. He also directed two Group Relations Conferences in partnership with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and GIBS (2016 and 2017). Jean travelled 18200km along the West Coast of Africa, from Pretoria to Madrid, on a motorcycle in 2023. He is currently writing a book on his experiences.

Jesse Rowe
With over two decades worth of experience in the successful formation, launch and running of businesses with a national and international scope of operations, as well as raising three children singlehandedly, Jesse brings to the table a solid understanding of the many and varied challenges that life can present. His personal philosophy, grounded in Stoicism and the teachings of Carl G. Jung, combined with a keen interest in people and organizations, their stories and development, gives him a wisdom and understanding that goes beyond skin-deep and enables him to help others to gain new insights, and solutions to their challenges, fast. As a Certified Jungian Coach he is able to understand and guide others in the application of Jungian philosophy and concepts, in the solving and overcoming of any business, personal and relational problems and challenges they may be facing. He also has experience in group facilitation and conflict resolution, as well as acting as an Envoy or representative. With decades of hands-on business experience, he is ready and able to help business leaders and entrepreneurs as a Business Coach (Certification pending – University of Cape Town) and Trusted Advisor who will give invaluable perspective on their unique challenges and situations.

Joyce Toendepi
TOPIC: African Perspectives on Leading: The me-we-us Perception
Joyce is an experienced business strategist with expertise in devising and promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking and work well independently and in teams. She is an articulate communicator, able to negotiate effectively, influence important decisions, and manage professional relationships with tact and common sense, a strategist who applies forward-thinking methodologies to add value to various business models. Joyce possess market and industry analysis expertise to help position the business for market leadership. I am currently a senior lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, in the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management. Her fields of expertise include: Leadership and Leadership Development, Leadership in a Multicultural context, Strategic Management, Change Management, Systems Thinking, Social Justice, African Consciousness, Social Psychology, Qualitative Analysis, Grounded Theory

Lurinda Maree
TOPIC: Moving Unspeakables: Embodied Witnessing of an Aesthetic Experience as Reflective Intervention in Organisations towards Employee Wellness
Lurinda Maree is an Industrial Psychologist and Applied Theatre Specialist in private practice. Lurinda specialises in individual development, team development and creative development. She does individual coaching in the areas of leadership; wellness and productivity; and career-orientation, including Life Design Counselling. She also works with teams on healthy team dynamics and effective communication. For creative development, Lurinda uses her own branded approach called Comedication © where she combines comedy and communication to provide corporate entertainment, stress relief and fun-filled learning engagements. Her approach includes psychology, systems psychodynamics and applied theatre.

Makhubalo Ikaneng
PRESENTER: The Storyteller
Makhubalo Ikaneng, widely recognized as Makhubalo The Storyteller, stands as a prominent figure in the creative industry, renowned for his multifaceted talents across various media forms. With a career spanning numerous successful projects, Makhubalo has proven himself not only as a director and producer but also as a prolific writer and advocate for youth empowerment through storytelling. His adaptability and creative vision shine through in his work across different genres and styles in live performance. Beyond visual media, Makhubalo has made significant contributions to literature with the publication of 5 books. His dedication to nurturing young talent is evident through the Young Authors Book Initiative (YABI), an initiative he leads that empowers learners by teaching writing skills and providing avenues for publishing their work. Recognizing the power of audio storytelling, Makhubalo has created 3 podcasts, leveraging the medium to engage audiences with diverse narratives and discussions. One of Makhubalo’s standout achievements includes the acclaimed play “Be A Better Dog,” which captivated audiences at the United Solo Festival in New York in 2018. This international recognition showcased his exceptional writing abilities and directorial talent on a prestigious global stage. In recognition of his profound impact on literature and storytelling, Makhubalo received the prestigious “Time of The Writer Festival Literature Champion Award for 2022.” This accolade not only celebrates his artistic achievements but also acknowledges his role as a mentor and advocate within the literary community.

Dr Mamohau Del Sekgaphane
TOPIC: ubuNtu Paradigm as a Transformational Tool for Organisations Post COVID 19: A New Normal Adaptation Frame
Founder and CEO of Integral Rebirth, a business transformation consulting firm with a focus on bridging the gap in leadership thought and practice through integrating epistemologies of the South as relevant science. Seasoned business executive in organisational change and development, has senior banking experience and designed an innovative solution – her doctoral contribution which was successfully implemented to transform a business unit which had become a huge liability in a top Wealth Bank in S.A. An academic in diverse business schools and Accounting Authority member who also chairs strategy and governance committee in a board overseeing skills development for the banking sector. She is a change architect, systems thinker, leadership coach, strategist, transformation and culture practitioner, innovator, behavioral scientist and academic.

Prof Marié-Heleen Coetzee
Marié-Heleen Coetzee is an associate professor at the School of Arts: Drama at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Her research centres on the use of drama and theatre-based methodologies in cross-disciplinary contexts, socially engaged performance and embodied pedagogies in performance praxis. She presents scholarly and creative work on varied platforms and is a co-director of the production company, LeftFoot Theatre Productions. She is in the process of becoming a certified movement analyst (CMA) through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York.

Mncedisi Nkhoma
TOPIC: Transcontinental Intergenerational Trauma – Possible Contributor to South African Social Unrest
Having acquired extensive financial expertise and demonstrated leadership qualities across various industries, Mncedisi is a highly self-motivated individual with a pioneering spirit. His career spans roles as diverse as Finance and Inventory Manager for an online retailer, Finance Manager overseeing creditors at a logistics giant, and Financial and Operations Manager for a non-profit organization. His adaptive character allows him to easily integrate and contribute to team synergy, and his love and respect for numbers, coupled with cognitive skills, bring a balanced perspective to his judgments. Mncedisi is committed to continuous learning and optimization of both financial and human capital.

Natasja Müller
TOPIC: How transcendence to include rather than to oppress or dissociate can improve gender transformation in the mining industry
Advanced training and experience within a large, global, complex organization – making a difference through leadership, innovation and facilitation of transformation and development programmes, and development of more effective systems models and processes. With 25+ years’ experience, Natasja is a Global Talent & Learning Specialist, has demonstrated history of working in Mining & Metals Industry and has global HR experience.  Her qualifications include MBA Cum Laude – UCT Graduate School of Business, Industrial Psychology Background (BCom) & Certified Coach with core skills: HR, Organisational Development, Talent, Learning & Development

Dr Nicola Haskins
Nicola Haskins is an award-winning embodied moving researcher, choreographer, and dancer who has performed nationally and internationally over the last 20 years. She is a full-time lecturer at the Tshwane University of Technology in the Performing Arts, Dance Stream. She has an MA degree with distinction in Drama from the University of Pretoria. She completed her BA with distinction in Drama and Psychology. She was a performer for the First Physical Theatre Company for 4 years. She has won three Standard Bank Ovation Awards and a Gold Ovation Award for her company’s production, The Anatomy of Weather. Her company, The Matchbox Theatre Collective, founded with Bailey Snyman, has produced and performed a variety of works nationally and internationally. She toured for 10 years in Dada Masilo’s Swan Lake throughout Europe, America, and Asia. Nicola is committed to teaching and learning practices; specifically choreographic practice and how new approaches and methods can be explored. She has recently completed her PhD study at the University of Pretoria entitled: Decolonial Storying: embodied memory in facilitating choreographic composition and graduates in September 2023. She is in the process of becoming a certified movement analyst (CMA) through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York.

Nomkhubulwane Sangweni Africa
TOPIC: Restoration of the African Psyche (with Camillo Zimba)
Nomkhubulwane Sangweni Africa kaGwala is a Sanusi, an Author, Researcher, and a Commercial Specialist who has 18 years of work experience in corporate South Africa in the FMCG space, IT, Advertising and the Legal fraternity. She took up her calling in 2019 and decided to pen her experiences of the spiritual awakening which culminated into a book titled Idlozi, a journey of my calling. She currently heads two organisations outside of the healing space, for marketing strategies, research etc. to help businesses realise maximum growth and the Nomkhubulwane Africa Group, committed to the amalgamation, preservation and dissemination of African Indigenous knowledge systems to realise a social cohesion that effectively addresses the layered injustices that have become so prevalent in our society.

Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu
Ntsikelelo is an impressive and dynamic keynote speaker, visual artist, author, and master of ceremonies. As a speaker, he has over 12 years of experience speaking on various platforms ranging from high schools to public organisations, and corporates. His talks are filled with profound insights and new ways of looking at societal challenges. He’s the author of the bold visual artist coffee table book” The Path to Great Joy – A collaborative journey through the art and life of visual artist Njabulo Greatjoy Ndlovu”. A book in which he not only tells the biographic story of Greatjoy Ndlovu but also tackles the pressing topic of toxic masculinity and reaffirming positive masculinity. He’s also the Author of the personal development book “Reimagining Myself – A journey of personal transformational and entrepreneurial thinking” and facilitator for the Reimagining Myself Master Class. An authentic process-driven workshop geared to empower with personal transformational tools that bring about genuine positive change. He is also a contributor to the fatherhood memoirs book “A Father, A Stranger” edited by Bongani Luvalo of Cool Dad’s Foundation and features key figures such as Mike Teke, former president Jacob Zuma, Simphiwe Masiza, and many others.

Prof Paul Singh
TOPIC: Social Justice: Transforming ourselves about why we believe in what we do, and how injustices, biases and stereotypes develop
Doctor of Philosophy in Human Movement Science (UP), Master of Arts in Human Movement Science (UKZN), Bachelor of Arts Honours in Physical Education (UKZN), Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education (UKZN). Prof Paul Singh started his career in education as Senior Lecturer at University of Pretoria, after which he headed the department of sport and movement studies at University of Johannesburg. Prof Singh has been specialising in sport and recreation as a management consultant since 2006. His notable experience saw him as Chief Director of Sport Support Services of Sport and Recreation South Africa where he oversaw and lead the following Directorates: International Relations; Sport Service Providers; Scientific Support; Research and Evaluation; Sport Infrastructure; and Major Events. He also had oversight of two state entities, viz. Boxing South Africa, and the South African Institute for Drug-free Sport.

Dr Raymond Toga
TOPIC: The Role of African Identity in Shaping Educational Policies and Practices
Dr. Raymond has a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Human Resources Management degree, a Bachelor of Social Science Honours, and a Master of Commerce in Industrial Psychology degree, all obtained from the University of Fort Hare. He also holds a Doctoral Degree in Management of Technology and Innovation from the Da Vinci Business School. Dr Raymond Toga has dedicated over 15 years to the education sector, contributing to both public and private higher education institutions. His passion and expertise lie in learning, teaching, and enhancing the student experience. As one of the stalwart members of the DaVinci team, he has played various roles at the business school for the past eight years. His contributions include offering insights, enrichment, and learning coaching to countless students. His commitment to coordinating the learning journey stems from his belief in the transformative power of education, which he views as a catalyst for exponential growth and development. His approach to education is both collaborative and student-centered. His mission is to foster inclusivity and promote diversity, ensuring that every student he impacts feels valued and respected. He embodies the spirit of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. His work is anchored in his African identity, which shapes his understanding of education as a tool for empowerment and community development. His commitment to the principles of ubuntu underpins his efforts to create a supportive and nurturing educational environment for all students.

Dr Regan Berry

Regan is an executive Coach and Social Worker in private practice and has a BCom Degree (University of the Witwatersrand); a Masters Degree in Social Science (University of South Africa) and a Doctoral Degree (Da Vinci Business Institute). She is an accredited Integral Enneagram practitioner and trained in psychoanalytical group work (Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust in conjunction with the Institute of Group Analysis, London). Regan is a systems thinker, leadership coach and workshop facilitator providing a containing space for leaders to think about the culture in their organisations; grow in self and other awareness; and develop leadership skills and insights enabling them to cultivate healthy team dynamics. Regan specialises in leadership development in township schools in South Africa. She facilitates leadership and team development workshops in schools in Alexandra township, Johannesburg using a systems psychodynamic lens that provides insights into the unconscious dynamics in schools. Her doctoral study resulted in the construction of a framework to facilitate holistic transformation of South African township primary schools.