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Dr Dumi Magadlela
TOPIC: Ubuntu Intelligence: The Journey to Being More Humane
Dr Dumi Magadlela is an executive coach, Ubuntu coach, coach trainer, leadership development facilitator, organizational culture and ‘people whisperer’. Dumi is an author on executive coaching, Ubuntu Coaching, leadership development, and ethics in coaching. He is an international leader in growing coaching globally and is currently serving as the Chairperson of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Global Board of Directors (2023-2024). Dumi co-founded the Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF) at The Coaching Centre (TCC) in South Africa, where he is Vice-Principal and has been Senior Faculty for over 16 years. The Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF) is a non-profit coaching organization meant to promote access to coaching for leaders and community members who would otherwise not be able to afford coaching services. Dumi has designed and delivered numerous leadership coaching, team coaching, and organisational culture interventions, for executive clients in multiple sectors across Africa and beyond. More recently, Dumi is part of an international faculty at the Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI), where he co-designs and co-facilitates team coaching training at Foundational (Gateway), Practitioner and Senior Practitioner levels. One of Dumi’s Team Coaching clients is Mastercard Foundation, where he works with leadership teams across the African continent. Dumi is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) as a Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching, completed the Gestalt International Organizational Systems Development Program (IOSD) and has been an active Gestalt practitioner since 2007.

Dr Paddy Pampallis
TOPIC: Integral Humanity Rising – heart wakening. Does an Integral U approach of being and becoming offer us a way of sense making that is more humane?
Currently Paddy is founder and CEO of Integral Africa: The Coaching Centre (TCC) (2003); the Integral Africa Institute (2015); co-founder of the Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (2014); co-founder, member of Living Cities Earth, The McGregor Wisdom School and faculty member of Meridian University. She was co-founder of The Learning Centre (2002); founder of the Centre for Family, Child and Adult Psychotherapy and Assessment, Race Awareness & Leadership Initiative (RALI), and the African Leadership Forum. She has immersed herself in a range of psychology and process (Mindell) orientated trainings including that of African philosophy and deep democracy. She found home in Ken Wilber’s integrated approach to understanding human experience going to Denver in 2006 to immerse herself in Integral Leadership with the Integral Institute. Her mission, together with members of her faculty, is to expand the lineage with the south and in particular the generous philosophy of Ubuntu as seminal to further orientation to what it is to be whole. A master Integral U coach Paddy’s passion for the transformative journey of adult (and child) learning which brings us back to our essence of what it is to be and do in ways that are generative, generous, gentle and courageous. Paddy has led the design and development of Integral U Coaching and Leadership in her school and works, with her expert and innovative teams, across communities, corporate, government, higher education, law, health and NPOS. Paddy is an invited speaker internationally, and sees herself as a learner/contributor to the field in which she works.

Dr Rica Viljoen
TOPIC: The prime of Purple – a Turquoise way of doing human better
Dr Rica Viljoen’s research on inclusivity, which was a significant aspect of her doctoral thesis, gained widespread recognition for its potential impact in the field of Management, Spirituality and Religion. In 2008, the Academy of Management acknowledged her model as one of the ten most promising contributions to the field. Since then, this approach, which emphasises listening to the voices of the entire social system, has been successfully implemented in 42 countries, engaging more than 100000 participants. Due to her contributions, Rica received the prestigious CEO award from the Institute of People Management (IPM), both nationally and internationally. She was further recognised by the South African Board of People Practices for her contribution to the field of study. She is an associate with the Da Vinci School for Business Leadership, Regenesys University and Meridian University. She supervised more than 100 PhDs and Masters Studies. Apart from her academic endeavours, Rica was the founder member of Mandala Consulting, a respected organisation dedicated to organisational development and research. She worked closely with the late Dr Don Beck and Dr Loraine Laubscher. She established the Centre of Human Emergence: Africa and has become an international recognised thought leader in spiral dynamics and integral research. Rica serves on the board of the SABPP as vice chair for the last two terms and was recently selected to the international board of the International Society for the Psycho-analytical studies in Organisations. She also joined the board of the Don Beck Spiral Dynamics Integral with the purpose to further the field of study and is a senior research member in a project to revisit the Graves archives.Rica published several books and consults to organisations in relation to Inclusivity, Culture and strategic HR issues. Rica is a sought after Jungian, systems psycho-analytically-informed consultant and Integral Executive Coach. 

Ruan Viljoen
Ruan is a professional oganisational development practitioner. He specialises in Rogerian, Humanistic and psycho-analytical group process facilitation. With more than 10 years consulting and facilitation experience. He currently holds the position of Director of Business Development at his current company – Mandala Consulting. Ruan is personally trained by Dr Don Beck and Dr Loraine Laubscher in Spiral Dynamics and adaptive intelligence and he is an expert on the Change State Indicator and Integral Values Map (IV-Map) instruments that describe adaptive intelligence. His unique contribution to the field of study of multiculturalism lies in generational theory. He is a Type Coach in MBTI and today, he has successfully implemented various transformational processes of which the most recent is in the health care and mining industries within South Africa. And last but not least, Ruan is part of the African team that has started the Jungian Coaching School for Africa, in which he holds the position of lecturer, faculty member & business development. Ruan’s contribution to this coaching platform is to assist clients in finding meaning and purpose in their lives and to hold a space in which to empower his clients to resolve and work through any dilemma presented.

Dr Zoliswa Tshetshe
TOPIC: Recognising ‘Being’ in the BANI world
Dr Zoliswa Tshetshe is a Johannesburg resident who was raised and schooled between Gqeberha and Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape. She holds a B.A degree in Psychology and Education, Advanced Diploma in Management specialising in Labour Relations, a Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Business Management. Her doctoral thesis focused on aligning corporate strategy and organisational culture to promote business effectiveness using the case of a South African construction enterprise. Some of Zoliswa’s credentials include the following: Certified Transformational Coach (Transformation Coaching Academy), Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (Genos International), Certified Director (IODSA), Chartered Fellow (CIPD, UK), Master HR Professional (SABPP), Chief HRO of the year – (2017 Employer Branding Awards) & Excellence in improving performance through leadership (2017 Employer Branding Awards). Zoliswa is a former Commissioner of the CCMA and a twice award-winning published author of the non-fiction books “I Serve” and “Beauty in Shitty Life: Looking through a clean lens”. She is a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years of experience in the management of human resources roles in various industries including Travel Management, Legal Services, ICT, Wholesale and Retail, Renewable Energy, and Civil Engineering. She currently holds the role of Group HR Director for Murray & Dickson Construction where she is responsible for the overall HR strategy and Business Partnership. She also takes care of Board governance matters for the M&D Group. Over and above all her credentials and what she is ‘doing’ in her career, Zoliswa is a ‘being’.  She is passionate about bringing the recognition of the being into the workplace hence her love for organisational development and culture.

Dr Vusi Vilakati
Vusi M Vilakati is an African consciousness and leadership development scholar and practitioner. He is passionate about the intersections between identity, located-ness or positionality, and context in the facilitation and embodiment of African spiritual consciousness, values and practices within organisations. He believes that in the emerging VUCA business and public leadership context, Africa urgently needs to develop future-referenced, contextually attuned and globally responsive leaders to translate business goals and leadership toward the continent’s social and economic advancement. As a insightful civic organisation leader, speaker, facilitator and researcher, Vusi’s experiences spreads across a number of key organisational roles in strategic planning, policy formulation, seminary lecturing, leadership training, facilitating diversity management initiatives, organisational transformation and change, coordinating in-service training, recruitment, selection and team building. His interests are African consciousness in leadership development and coaching, the role of business in Society, corporate citizenship, cross-cultural management, the contribution of emerging economies to global geo-economics, outcomes-based and ethical leadership, leadership effectiveness, systems thinking and holistic leadership development, economic and human advancement of Africa. Vusi holds Diploma in Construction studies, MA in Theological studies (UP), an MPhil HRM in Personal and Professional leadership and currently a PhD candidate toward a Leadership in Performance and Change (UJ).