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Facilitators: Dr Calum McComb & Dr Rica Viljoen

We are delighted to invite you to join us for the Social Dreaming Matrix at the Second Integral African Conference, under the theme “Integral Humanity Rising.” This unique event will take place every day from 8am to 9am, providing a space for collective dreaming and exploration.

Drawing on the theoretical framework of systems psychodynamics, the Social Dreaming Matrix offers an opportunity to tap into the collective unconscious and engage in a shared exploration of dreams, symbols, and narratives. It is a space where personal and collective dreams intersect, fostering deep insights and connections.

As the organised, we believe that by collectively engaging in the Social Dreaming Matrix, we can create a powerful container for the emergence of new perspectives, innovative ideas, and transformative possibilities. It is an invitation to connect with fellow participants, harness the wisdom of the group, and contribute to the collective journey of Integral Humanity Rising.

We look forward to your presence and active participation in this enriching and collaborative experience.