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This is the call for papers for the upcoming 2nd  Integral African Conference. The deadline is 31 July 2024. The Integral Paper Selection Committee welcomes papers for the Parallel Paper Sessions (PPS) on the theme “Integral Humanity Rising

Over the last decades realities in humanity have changed – on the surface we continue with our post-COVID life; but human relatedness did not improve accordingly. In addition, we are observing right now a number of external challenges for individuals, organisations and the societies in which they operate. Main considerations include the impact of the Russian war in the Ukraine, the Israel-Hamas war and the other 108 wars internationally that we do not speak of; the climate crisis, post pandemic economic and societal implications and the continuous suppression of indigenous voices and minority groups.

Like never before, humans need to adjust to changing life conditions. The rising question of how to create meaning, purpose, and identity in order to sustain self and others in different ecological settings are on top of mind of many leaders, scholars and practitioners.

If everything changes around us, how can we sustainably adjust and adopt? May Integral ways indeed offer an answer? How do social systems adjust to changing conditions? And, how do organisations deal with the claimed loss of soul and spirit whereas everyone is talking about purpose? How can individuals do human better in an ever changing world? How can an integral philosophy or practice serve unleashing inner meaning with an external manifestation

In the exploring of questions we adapt an integral theory, diverse philosophical and deeply human lens in our exploration and we would like to explicitly invite all schools of thought, including indigenous knowledge systems, to join in our inquiry.

This surfaces some important reflective questions:
•   How do we experience soul and spirituality in our organisations and its manifestations, triumphs, joys, opportunities, and strengths?
•   How can we discover new ways to integral understanding of the spaces of the I, IT, WE and ITS?
•   How can human emergence serve the national, geopolitical and international goals of sustainability?
•   How can we integrate both traditional/indigenous and other ways of thinking be woven together and what insights can be gained?
•   Which role can identity, intersectionality and positionality support us in in an integral quest?
•   And which role should it play?

Please note that there are two streams for submission:
•   An Academic stream that will be peer reviewed and potentially may be submitted to a journal for publication
•   A practitioners stream that deals the integral quadrants and lines, spiral dynamics and human emergence and African thought.

Clearly indicate for which stream you submit your submission. The abstract should really not exceed 500 words.

The selected papers and presenters will be announced 31 August 2024.