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Bence Ganti, M.A.

Bence Ganti, M.A. integral psychologist and clinical psychologist, the co-founder and director of the Integral European Conferences (IEC) since 2014. He is also  the founder and director of one of Europe’s most successful long-term integral adult education institutes, the Integral Academy in Hungary.

As a transformational workshop leader Bence has created the Integral Flow Experience process in which he combines cutting edge group psychotherapy practices  with spiritual work, including psychodrama, bodywork and constellation. As a presenter on Integral Theory and cosnciousness he is a guest and panelist in major integral conferences in Europe, USA, Latin-America and Africa. His main expertise is teaching and applying integral psychology: a popular new approach of personal growth and humanity’s evolution that connects the scientific findings of psychology and the spirituality of ancient wisdom traditons. The integral movement and Bence accelerates the emergence of a new wolrd working on the transformation of individuals, communities and society to create harmony and peace for the world.